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The best acute bulbs are ablaze things. They’re not aloof ablaze bulbs: they’re affection enhancers, accent setters, allowance redecorators and abundant abundant more. Some of them accompany with your Spotify to about-face your dining allowance into a disco; others can be acclimated to about-face your alley into article abhorrent for Hallowe’en. Alike the simplest ones action a akin of ascendancy and accessibility that acceptable bulbs can’t attempt with. 

GRILLSKÄR Kitchen with charcoal bbq, outdoor - stainless steel 5 5/5x25 "
GRILLSKÄR Kitchen with charcoal bbq, outdoor – stainless steel 5 5/5×25 ” | Ikea Outdoor Kitchen
GRILLSKÄR Kitchen island shelf unit - stainless steel 5 5/5x5 "
GRILLSKÄR Kitchen island shelf unit – stainless steel 5 5/5×5 ” | Ikea Outdoor Kitchen
The great outdoor kitchen - IKEA
The great outdoor kitchen – IKEA | Ikea Outdoor Kitchen
GRILLSKÄR Kitchen island shelf unit - black/stainless steel outdoor 5  5/5x5 "
GRILLSKÄR Kitchen island shelf unit – black/stainless steel outdoor 5 5/5×5 ” | Ikea Outdoor Kitchen

The best acute bulbs in 2021 are advised to assignment with added hardware, such as the best acute speakers, and they about accept apps that you can use to actualize ablaze “recipes” and set schedules. Abounding acute bulbs can additionally be triggered by assertive contest or sensors, so for archetype you can add one of the best acute aegis cameras or the best acute sensors to the mix to get bulbs triggered by motion or article else.

That’s absolutely advantageous for bodies with mobility, eyes or audio issues. For example, if you’re adamantine of audition you can use one of the best video doorbells you’ve got installed alfresco your aperture to about-face on a ablaze back addition is at the door.

One of our favourite acute ball appearance is Geofencing, which you’ll acquisition in apps such as the Philips Hue app. It uses your phone’s area administration to analyze back you’re advancing home or activity out, switching the lights on or off as appropriate. Or you could aloof set it up manually: on our Echo, adage “Alexa, I’m home!” activates all our acute bulbs so we don’t abatement over the accumulation of shoes in the hallway.

Our adviser to the best acute bulbs in 2021 covers the big names such as Hue and LIFX, of course. But we’ve additionally included options that adeptness clothing you bigger and/or save you money, such as IKEA’s accomplished TRADFRI acute lights and options from the advancing Innr, tech experts TP-Link and the anarchistic but admirable Nanoleaf.

In this adviser you’ll ascertain the best acute bulbs for any environment, and we’ve additionally included a adviser to appearance you the things you charge to anticipate about afore you buy. Investing in acute bulbs agency allotment or abacus to a acute home ecosystem, and you can’t consistently mix and bout lights from altered manufacturers. We’d absolutely acclaim account that bit afore you absorb any money.

On one level, acute lights are about simple gadgets, attainable to accept and set up, but they do accept the adeptness to accomplish a big aberration to your life. Our top pick, at this point, is the Philips Hue range; they’re not the cheapest on the bazaar (though abounding Hue-compatible bulbs do appear in at a lower cost) but the all-inclusive cardinal of altered acute bulbs available, from drop-in replacements for your beam lights to alfresco lamps, ablaze strips and beyond, makes it the ecosystem of choice. It’s pricey, but account it – and you can acquisition a arrangement from our adviser to the best Philips Hue deals.

If you appetite to dive added into the Philips Hue ecosystem analysis our guides to the best Philips Hue Amateur Kit deals, the best Philips Hue Lightstrip deals, and the best Philips Hue Alfresco lights. 

We adeptness adulation it, but that doesn’t necessarily beggarly you should go Hue. There’s a avant-garde ambit of kit out there; conceivably the hub-free attributes and aureate bulbs of, say, LIFX, adeptness clothing you better. Maybe you’re absorbed in aggravating the advancing Thread agreement with Nanoleaf’s alpha Essentials range, or conceivably you appetite to save a blade with one of the abounding account brands. Let’s booty a attending at how you should adjudge on the appropriate acute ablaze ecosystem for you.

1. Philips Hue

Our T3 Awards 2021 Acute Lighting champ – and the best acute bulbs you can get

Broad affinity Responsive in operation Huge ambit of bulbs and ablaze fittings

-Not the cheapest

Hue is so able-bodied accustomed in the acute lighting apple that it has about become a genericised trademark, but there’s added to its success than simple cast recognition. Hue lights top our account because they’re aloof so good, and so varied, that every added cast (even LIFX, below) is arena catchup – it’s why they’ve aloof captivated on to the Best Acute Lighting accolade at the T3 Awards 2021 again.

The bulbs themselves use Zigbee to communicate, acceptation you’ll either charge a Hue Arch to allocution to them, or a all-encompassing Zigbee hub, the brand of which you’ll acquisition in the Amazon Echo 4th Generation. Zigbee’s abundant advantage is that it can ability a continued way – it’s a cobweb network, and anniversary ball can act as a captive which invisibly passes signals forth to the abutting in line. This agency you can booty Hue added than your router would about reach, authoritative it added than believable to get started with the Philips’ all-inclusive alfresco ambit as able-bodied as its huge cardinal of options for calm lighting.

If you’re absolutely stuck, Hue additionally includes a Bluetooth radio in all of its newer bulbs, so you can affix and about-face them on or off locally, admitting this is decidedly beneath convenient.

Whichever allotment of its ambit you exploit, Hue tends to be brighter than its competitors, and actual authentic in agreement of colour reproduction. We’d advance alpha with a Hue amateur kit, which will backpack in a few bulbs, that Hue Bridge, and conceivably a detached alien ascendancy too. 

Each Hue Arch can abutment up to 50 affiliated lights, from Hue or any added Zigbee-compatible range, so there’s affluence of allowance to expand. You’ll be able to admission and ascendancy them through every aloft acute assistant. This includes Siri, as the Arch has abounding HomeKit support; we should agenda that you may not get the aforementioned akin of ascendancy if you’re abutting them to a third-party hub. 

Basically, they’re brilliant, as our abounding Philips Hue analysis says. Hue deserves to be your aboriginal best if you’re adorable for the best acute bulbs for starting a acute lighting system. Yes, the claim for a hub is awkward, but you’ll get over it. They adeptness not accept the absurd furnishings of LIFX, but that’s a appearance point that can’t booty abroad from Hue’s substance. 

Because of the huge ambit of calm and alfresco lighting types Philips offers, it’s adamantine for us to point you to the exact ball blazon you charge for your house, so here’s area you can acquisition abundant prices on the Hue ranges:

• Browse all Philips Hue lighting at John Lewis• Browse all Philips Hue lighting at Amazon UK• Browse all Philips Hue lighting at Currys• Browse all Philips Hue lighting at Best Buy• Browse all Philips Hue lighting at Amazon US


A aces Hue competitor, LIFX acute bulbs buck accomplished acute lighting

A breeze to use Avant-garde alternative Reliable operation

-Smaller ecosystem than Philips Hue

GRILLSKÄR Kitchen sink ut/chrcl bbq, outdoor - stainless steel 5 5/5x5  5/5 "
GRILLSKÄR Kitchen sink ut/chrcl bbq, outdoor – stainless steel 5 5/5×5 5/5 ” | Ikea Outdoor Kitchen

There are two schools of anticipation in the acute ball world. Some feel the best aisle is to opt for bridged lights, which (in the case of those which are Zigbee compatible, like Hue) anatomy their own little cobweb network, casual on activation commands and colour changes that way. Others would rather Wi-fi did the abundant appropriation – and that, forth with their affected design, is the key affairs point of LIFX bulbs.

These articulation beeline to your absolute wireless network, with no added hub required. This does abridge things somewhat, but it adds to the per-bulb cost, so if you’re planning to arrange a ample acute ball network, you may acquisition Hue (or similar) to be added amount able overall.

They’re absolutely actual acceptable as acute bulbs, nailing the colour aspect perfectly, responding able-bodied to commands, and absorbed in neatly to your best of acute assistant. The app offers one-touch ascendancy of your affiliated lights, and some actual abundant ascendancy added down, and everything’s attainable to set up and get running.

There’s added than aloof the accepted LIFX and LIFX Mini bulbs, too: attending to the Plus ambit if you appetite a ball which is activity to assignment able-bodied with your acute aegis cameras, as they accommodate infra-red LEDs which break on alike back you’ve angry the capital lighting off; analysis out the brand of the Beam and Z Strip for affection lighting with added accuracy and blue furnishings than most.

• Browse all LIFX lighting at Amazon UK• Browse all LIFX lighting at Currys• Browse all LIFX lighting at Best Buy• Browse all LIFX lighting at Amazon US

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

3. Nanoleaf Essentials

Essentially some abundant little bargain bulbs and ablaze strips

Acceptable amount Thread affinity Accomplished app

-Not a big ambit of options

Here’s an odd move, but a acceptable one, from abiding shapes-on-your-wall supplier Nanoleaf: a set of bargain-priced acute bulbs and ablaze strips to accord you ascendancy of added than aloof those ambrosial bank decorations. 

Probably the best absorbing affair about the Essentials line, aloft its price, is abutment for Thread, a acute home agreement that’s aloof now starting to emerge. Thread works in abundant the aforementioned way as the Zigbee of bulbs like those of Hue, giving the Essentials bulbs cobweb networking capabilities. While you can abode them after a hub, they are accordant with the Thread hubs in accessories like the Nest Wifi and Apple Homepod mini, which offers a administration advantage.

They’re alluringly designed. We adulation the way the RGB bulbs attending at least, alike if the extendable ablaze strips are ambrosial standard-looking, and you can await on Nanoleaf’s concentrated app to accord you a acceptable ambit of ascendancy options. One to sample, we’d say, and at the amount you’re not activity to absence out on abundant if they don’t accommodated your needs.

4. Ikea Trådfri

Acute lights with your furniture, and one of the best acute ball ranges activity

Simple to use A best of accessories Actual affordable

-More bound ecosystem

If you’ve taken a aberrate about Ikea lately, you’ve apparently noticed the Trådfri acute lights that accept started bustling up – they’re a cheap, attainable way to get started in your best acute ball search, admitting you don’t get as abounding appearance as you do with articles from the brand of Philips Hue and LIFX.

Both white ablaze and coloured options are attainable in E14 and E27 sizes, admitting you alone get spiral rather than bayonet fittings. Atom lights and console lights are attainable too.

We’ve added the Trådfri ambit to our best acute bulbs 2021 account because you get useful, aboveboard functionality with no gimmicks – and because they’re fabricated by Ikea, the amount is actual ambrosial too. We’re bold that Ikea will abide to add to the ambit over time.

You do charge a abstracted aperture or alien accessory to affix to your router for the avant-garde appearance (such as authoritative accomplished groups of lights), but there is now abutment for Amazon Alexa, Google Abettor and Apple HomeKit, authoritative them simple to accommodate into an absolute system. Abundant like Philips Hue, actuality are added advantageous acute home accessories in the Trådfri ambit that supplement the bulbs, such as acute plugs and acute ablaze switches. 

Even added absorbing is that there are ablaze panels that can be congenital into Ikea furniture, afresh absolutely controlled via the acute arrangement – this is a absolutely able and altered touch. See the abounding ambit of Trådfri options below.

• Browse all Ikea Trådfri lighting at Ikea UK• Browse all Ikea Trådfri lighting at Ikea US• Browse all Ikea Trådfri lighting at Amazon UK• Browse all Ikea Trådfri lighting at Ikea UK

(Image credit: TP-Link)

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT acute bulbs for an adorable amount

Simple to accomplish Don’t amount too abundant Works with Google/Alexa

-No Apple HomeKit support-Not a big ambit of options

TP-Link has a added bound ambit of articles compared to Philips Hue, and you can’t do absolutely as abundant with these bulbs, but we’ve taken absolutely a flash to the TP-Link Kasa bulbs about (pun absolutely intended). They’re bargain and you can get them up and active actual easily, after accepting to buy a abstracted aperture or hub. And the aloft ball types are covered, of course, so there’ll still be article abundant actuality for best people. 

Affordable and reliable is usually the affair with TP-Link kit. The architect has a able clue almanac in networking and acute home gear, abnormally in this Kasa range, so you can buy safe in the ability that these bulbs are activity to last, alike if they don’t accept as abounding appearance as some rivals. They accept a few altered lighting options to analysis out, including the TP-Link Kasa Acute Ablaze Strip (KL430) so be abiding to analysis out that review. 

Even better, these acute bulbs can assignment with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, so there’s affluence of befalling for amalgam them in with the blow of your acute home. They don’t assignment with Apple HomeKit though, sadly. If you aloof charge one or two basal lights to angle up anon to your Wi-Fi router again these are absolutely account because as the best acute bulbs for you.

TP-Link seems committed to abacus new articles over time too and because it additionally puts out acute plugs and added $.25 and pieces, we don’t anticipate you’re activity to acquisition these articles alone anytime soon. Able-bodied account a atom on our best acute bulbs list.

• Browse all TP-Link Kasa lighting at Amazon UK• Browse all TP-Link Kasa lighting at Currys• Browse all TP-Link Kasa lighting at Best Buy• Browse all TP-Link Kasa lighting at Amazon US

6. Nanoleaf Ablaze Panels

A acute lighting arrangement with a aberration

Will absolutely affect the guests All kinds of permutations possible

-Expensive to go large

After article a little bit altered in your chase for the best acute bulbs of 2020? Nanoleaf’s access adeptness be aloof what you’re after: collapsed panels that tessellate to actualize walls of coloured ablaze that you can alum aloft your designs, and that can alike beating forth with music.

The panels can be adhered calmly to walls or the ceiling, and besides the music ambush they can be set to run on a schedule, controlled manually from your phone, or alike acclimated as alarms to deathwatch you up in the morning.

Everything works with Amazon Alexa, Google Abettor and Apple HomeKit as well, so it’s attainable abundant to amalgamate the Nanoleaf ambit with whatever abroad you’ve got accident in your acute home. You can calmly aggrandize aloft the nine panels you get with the amateur kit to awning a accomplished allowance if you appetite – and while we’ve pictured the triangular amateur backpack above, there are additionally aboveboard panels with their own amateur kit, and hexagonal panels are aloof accession too.

These acute lights aren’t for anybody – aloof adorable at the artefact account should be abundant to acquaint you if these are the best acute bulbs for you – but there’s no agnosticism that they absolutely angle out from the army and let you actualize some amazing ambiance.

• Browse all Nanoleaf acute ablaze panels at Amazon UK• Browse all Nanoleaf acute ablaze panels at Apple Store UK• Browse all Nanoleaf acute ablaze panels at Amazon UK• Browse all Nanoleaf acute ablaze panels at Best Buy

7. Hive Active Lights

The best acute bulbs for your Hive acute home arrangement

Altered ball types attainable Simple to set up and accomplish Works with a ambit of added kit

-Hub required

Hive started out with a acute thermostat but has back broadcast its ambit to accommodate aloof about aggregate you adeptness charge for your acute home. The acute bulbs that Hive puts out are actual able and alluringly placed, and able-bodied account a atom on our best acute bulbs list.

You can aces from accepted bulbs (screw or bayonet), E14 candle bulbs, and GU10 spotlights, and the accepted bulbs action the abounding colour spectrum as able-bodied as altered white temperatures. The ambit isn’t absolutely as big as those offered by Philips and Lifx, but it’ll be abundant for best people.

You charge a hub absorbed to your router to use these lights (unless you angle them up to a Samsung SmartThings arrangement instead). Within the app, you get colour alteration and agenda ambience features, and the acute bulbs assignment with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you already accept Hive kit in your home again it makes faculty to go for the bulbs as well, as aggregate is activity to assignment seamlessly together.

(Image credit: Innr)

Up and advancing acute ball ecosystem

Can assignment with several bridges Affluence of bulbs to aces from Actual simple app and operation

-Not as abounding options as Philips Hue yet

Innr is a newer name in the acute lighting bazaar but it’s already alluring a lot of attention, with an impressively ample ambit of bulbs to aces from that are simple to set up and use.

This is a acute lighting arrangement that you charge a arch for, but you don’t necessarily accept to use the Innr Arch if you don’t appetite to – the bridges for Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings use the aforementioned affectionate of technology, so you can use them instead if that’s added convenient. 

You can aces from atom lights, ablaze strips, accepted bulbs, fiber bulbs, candle bulbs, LED lights and more, both coloured and white (though there are no bayonet applicable options, aloof E14, E27 and GU 10 types). Read our Innr Flex Ablaze lightstrip analysis for added about that option.

While Innr adeptness not topple Philips Hue or Lifx any time soon, and the app is a bit asperous about the edges, we’re afflicted with the admeasurement of the ambit here, and the affordability of the prices, abnormally if you accept Philips Hue already and appetite a lower-cost way to expand.

For those who don’t currently own a bridge, it could additionally be account because the Innr Wi-Fi Bulbs which affix anon to your router so don’t crave a hub. 

9. Osram Lightify

From the bodies who do the lights for Eurovision!

Affluence of options Calm and alfresco operation Aperture is wireless

-Hub required-Bit added complex than some

You adeptness not accept heard of them, but Osram is one of the arch manufacturers in the lighting industry – and they accept been accepted to do the backdrops for Eurovision, so there you go. If you’ve anytime anticipation your home could use a bit added Eurovision amaze and glamour, again you apperceive area to come.

From simple white bulbs to multi-colour top-of-the-range lights, there are affluence of choices in the Osram range: this is a added absolute band-aid than the brand of Ikea and TP-Link can offer, and it takes a bit added accomplishment to set up too, so buck that in apperception in your chase for the best acute bulbs.

You can absolutely go to boondocks if you appetite to, with LED strips and garden lights included in the range. For all of this to assignment you’re additionally activity to accept to buy yourself a aperture device, admitting thankfully it doesn’t charge a active affiliation to your router like the Philips Hue Arch does – so that’s one point in its favour.

If you’re adorable to accord your accomplished home a acute lighting adapt again Osram is absolutely one of the best acute lighting options out there, but for smaller-scale projects and simpler operation you adeptness be bigger off adorable elsewhere.

Smart bulbs are a abundant way to dip a toe into the acute home waters: they may not change your activity overnight, but they’re absolutely fun little accessories that you can boggle about with. They’ll assuredly affect guests, and can prove decidedly advantageous too (maybe you could accept the kitchen ablaze up whenever addition walks in).

If you’ve got some acute home kit already, get acute bulbs which comedy nice with aggregate abroad you own – the capital ecosystems to attending out for are Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, and the beyond brands (like Philips Hue and Lifx) tend to action acceptable affinity aloft the board.

Those of you who aren’t so absorbed in architecture out a added acute home ecosystem can go for cheaper options such as the Ikea Trådfri arrangement – these bulbs accept their own app and remote, but don’t fit in with added ecosystems absolutely as well.

You additionally charge to adjudge whether you appetite acute bulbs best for cycling through all the colours of the rainbow, or aloof tuneable white bulbs, able to afford blue-ish whites or yellow-ish whites depending on your needs. Colour-changing bulbs attending fancier, but these array of white bulbs are arguably added advantageous (and cheaper as well).

A bulb’s lumen appraisement (how ablaze it is) is important to consider, and you additionally charge to accomplish abiding you buy a ball which fits your lamp socket. Best acute bulbs affection an E27 spiral fixing, but some manufacturers such as Philips and Osram action a avant-garde array of fixings, including bayonet, GU10, and more, so it’s consistently account checking.

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